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The Art of Jaxon Keller

Signature Commissions ~ Custom Illustrations

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My Clockwork Kitten
Wake M'lady
kitsune with a samurai
90s urban samurai
bunny sitting on
                the hood of vw bug
whiro the Maori lizard-god of the dead
illustration of anthro rabbit
                and anthro bear hiking in the mountains to find a
illustration of a
                snowboarding fox in the mountains
illustration of an artist character with his
                squirrels and paint brush illustration
                of a wolf character playing a guitar in front of the
illustration of
                four colorful and diverse people holding ominous masks character
                sheet of a russian space dog wearing a sci fi uniform
illustration of a rabbit
                sitting next to mushrooms and smoking a bong illustration of an owl
                swooping in front of the moon
illustration of a creepy
                clown covered in blood holding a ballon and weilding a
                butcher knife illustration of a woman dressed as a
                fallout vault dweller laying in front of an explosion
illustration of a woman sitting in a chair holding
                a baseball bat illustration of a squirrel and a
                rabbit wielding bladed weapons
illustration of a squirrel soldier
                holding an assault rifle in the woods. illustration of two nude
                men dancing the tango in outerspace
illustration of a man and a creature ordering two
                more drinks from a bartender illustration of a space station
                floating out in space among various planets